The Sense of Style: the thinking person’s guide to writing in the 21st century
Steven Pinker

November 5, 2015


If you don’t know Steven Pinker – the linguistics expert, remarkable as much for his bountiful barnet as his brains – get his books now. Not only does he understand the intricacies of how language works, he appreciates how people use it day-to-day. So, rather than harping on about when it’s correct say ‘medium’ instead of ‘media’, he asks whether the words you say actually connect with your audience.

Some of the ideas in this modern style guide are already well-known to professional writers: zombie nouns, the ‘curse of knowledge’. But there’s some stuff on the trickier elements of grammar that is absolutely fascinating for all word nerds out there. Brilliant for copywriters and lay language-lovers alike.

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